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Where Do Graphic Artists Get Inspiration?

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Now and again, even the most talented artist can experience Artist’s Block. No matter how hard you try, inspiration just won’t come.

When Artist’s Block happens, it can be hard to know where to turn for fresh ideas. Whether you’re a new graphic artist or you’re on a tight deadline and in desperate need of inspiration. the following ideas should help get you started.

Search the Internet for Design Inspiration

Do you find yourself struggling with a particular design or image? Try searching the internet for how other graphic artists have completed similar projects. The internet is full of artist portfolios, online journals, blogs, and more.

You can also search the internet to look at examples of art from your favorite period in time. Look at how the era’s designer’s approached everything from physical artworks to online advertisements. Click here if you’re interested in digital marketing for your business.

Subscribe to Graphic Design Publications

Graphic design and visual arts publications are great places to gather inspiration. They contain the latest and greatest designs from modern artists of all kinds. Some publications are physical copies you can page through. While others are available to look at online. Regardless of the format, these published works can help spark your next great idea.

You might not be keen on subscribing to a particular publication or magazine. So, you can always buy books for your design library. Having these books on hand will be beneficial the next time you’re feeling a bit blocked.

Peruse Social Media

Visuals are a major part of social media nowadays. Sites like Tumblr and Pinterest rely almost exclusively on images. They range from award-winning photography and dazzling logos to unique color schemes. A few minutes of scrolling or a quick search will expose you to hundreds of amazing visuals.

Not only can you save the images you like best, but you can also follow the artists who made them. As they post new work, you can have immediate access and refer to them as you need inspiration.

It’s a good idea to set up your accounts on sites like these so you can save or pin the images that speak to you. That way, when that inevitable pesky bout of design block hits, you’ll have a library of your favorite images, ads, and artwork to dive into.

Make an Image or Mood Board

Not every artist likes to use social media. If you fall into this camp, you can still take advantage of the premise of sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. But in a physical format. Create an image or mood board that works with the project idea you have.

To create a mood board, you’ll need to collect a variety of materials. You can tape unique patterns, writing and fabric samples, and images to a project board. Anything that makes you feel something or sparks a flame of inspiration. As you work on your project, refer to the board you put together and draw inspiration from the collection of items.

Utilize Online Design Tools

There are many online tools made specifically for graphic artists. Websites like Kuler, Canva, and DesignTAXI are all excellent resources that help you experiment with color palettes. You can also look at expertly made templates, and see examples of modern typography.

Work On a Different Project

Sometimes, all you need for inspiration is to spend time working on something else. Spend time writing in your journal. Color in a coloring book, scrapbook, or take photographs out in nature. Do any activity that can help you feel productive. It can help break your patterns of uninspiring or lackluster art.

You should attempt to work on something new for between 20 to 30 minutes to see positive results.

Go for a Walk

Exercise is proven to help boost creativity. There are physical and mental benefits associated with getting up and moving around. Simple aerobic exercises help sharpen cognitive skills and improve our reasoning abilities.

If you are feeling stuck, strap on your sneakers and a windbreaker. A burst of innovation and inspiration is just a short walk away.

Final Thoughts

As frustrating as it can be to experience a design block, there are many ways you can break free. Whenever you’re feeling a bit uninspired, come back to this guide and try out the ideas listed.

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