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Bruce Weber Photographer Talks About Engaging in Fine Art Photography

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About Engaging in Fine Art Photography

Fine art photographers combine the process of taking pictures and the conceptual thinking behind composing an image. Fine art photography allows people to get more personal with the images clicked by them, and use those photos to express feelings, situations, and ideas. Fine art photography can stretch over varying genres, including fashion, portraiture, and landscape photography. Professionals specializing in other genres also commonly try their hand at fine art photography, and the works of Bruce Weber Photographer can be a great example of this trend. While Bruce is majorly popular for his fashion photography, he has also indulged quite a bit in taking fine art images.

Bruce Weber Photographer shares the approach to follow when taking fine art images

Fine art depends heavily on emotion. It can be a bit difficult to create a sense of drama in a still image that manages to stir emotions. Playing around would motion blur can be a good way to suggest energy and movement. A photographer can slow down their shutter speed to around 1/15th for starters, and subsequently get their subject moving. It can be a beautiful flowing river, tree branches blowing in the wind, or even a model swinging their long hair around. Ultimately the goal is to add a different dimension to the image.

Toying with the composition also becomes important in the case of fine art images. If a bland looking subject is placed in the middle of the frame, the viewer might think that they have seen everything in the image and have no need of exploring it any further. In this situation, all the background details important to the photographer may get lost, and their image looks mundane. But this doesn’t mean that a photographer should not have any subject in the centre. They simply have to consider what their subject might be blocking. If it is something important, then the composition must be tweaked a bit.  Opting for black and white photography can also help in taking great fine art images, as this style trains the mind to think more about patterns, shape, and texture, and how those elements can effectively connect together in a scene.

To become a fine art photographer, one needs to visit and explore places that would help them to create enticing images.  These places might be out of the comfort zone of the photographer, but they still need to try and utilize those opportunities as not everything can be digitally recreated in image editing software. Being in the right environment shall help the photographer to think about the story behind their shit, and stir emotions that they may have not even considered when planning for the image.

Photographers must be willing to go an extra mile to make their images look authentic, and do not hold back even if they look controversial at times. Bruce Weber Photographer, for instance, gained quite a bit of popularity for putting provocative images of the male body into the public spotlight during the 1980s. His casual photographs of handsome and athletic American youth played a role in redefining the contemporary perception of masculinity in both fine art and fashion.

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