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Painting Cost in Pune 2023

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Painting Cost in

If you are based in Pune and thinking about adding a fresh coat of paint to your house, then you need to know the painting cost in Pune for 2023. The total painting cost of your house will vary depending on several factors. These factors include the region of your house, size of the painting surface, number of coats, type of paint used, labour cost, etc. In this article, we are going to look at the painting cost that painters in Pune can charge in 2023.

Factors Affecting Paint Price in Pune 2023

You need to consider several factors before calculating the total painting cost for your home project. Let’s look at some variables in house painting that will decide the total cost charged by painters for home in Pune.

Quality of Paint: The most important factor affecting the price of painting for painters in Pune is the quality and type of paint used. There are different types of paint finish available in the market and each brand will have a specific quality. The higher the quality of the paint, more will be the price per square foot. You can check the Asian Paints price list to see the cost for a different type of paint per square foot.

Type of Project: The price will also vary whether the painters for home are carrying out a paint job for a single wall or the entire house. The price will also change significantly if you are carrying out a repainting job or an entirely new paint coat.

Cost of Labour: The cost of labour will also be different per square foot depending upon the region and the type of paintwork carried out. Some painters for home will cost more with the use of professional tools that will get the job done in less time.

Cost of Painting per Square Feet in Pune 2023

The cost of painting per square foot in Pune in 2023 can range anywhere between ₹9 – ₹26 depending upon the type of paint you choose. This cost can also vary depending on whether you are painting the interior or exterior part of your house. The total budget for your paint job in Pune can range between ₹6,000 – ₹60,000.

The approximate price per square foot for interior painting in Pune can go as high as ₹24 whereas exterior painting can go as high as ₹40. Similarly, a repainting project in Pune can cost between ₹10 – ₹24 whereas painting from scratch can cost between ₹20 – ₹40. Different types of paint used for painting will also have different prices per square foot.

Cost of Painting with Paint Types

If you choose emulsion paint for your paint project, it can cost you between ₹10 – ₹26. Whereas texture paint can cost a premium value per square foot between ₹50 – ₹240. The painting materials and tools used will also add up to the price of your paint budget. Plus, any repair work such as fixing cracks, blemishes, and water damage can also increase the overall painting price.

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