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Spring’s 5 must-have water hog

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Water Hog Silver Entrance Mats

Slip and fall safety professionals know that Water hog floor mats are a fantastic tool for removing difficult dirt, filth, and wetness. Water hog carpets are also notable for being strongly textured, firm, and colorful mats to the untrained eye. A wide range of industries uses them to fulfill both safety and sanitary objectives. Hundreds of distinct locations, ranging from commercial banks to retail establishments and even residential homes, rely on the Water hog mats unique structure to keep entryways clean, dry, and safe.

According to figures provided by the national floor safety institute, more than 8 million people seek treatment for accidental falls each year. Take some time in spring to reassess your facilities, paying special attention to any areas where indoor and outdoor entry matting may need to be updated.

5 Springtime Water hog’s

The traditional

The Water hog classic has established its reputation as a long-lasting safety matting staple. The waffle design on the classic is instantly recognizable by most facilities management specialists. This mat, which is made with the revolutionary water dam, can contain up to 1.5 gallons of liquid.

The trends

The Water Hog Silver Entrance Mats fashion combines all of the amazing features and functionality of the Water hog classic with a beautiful fabric border. This safety mat, which comes in a variety of colors, is perfect for both indoor and outdoor situations where crisp aesthetics are required.

The work of art

The Water hog masterpiece, like the classic and fashion, is made of strong polypropylene and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This mat, on the other hand, has a very unusual basket-weave surface texture. The Wate rhog masterpiece, with its raised edges and crush-resistant fabric, is ideal for facilities that need a good-looking entrance mat to handle moderate to heavy traffic.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

With the Water hog eco elite, you can reduce your carbon footprint! This safety mat is made entirely of recycled plastic water bottles, a process that helps the commercial manufacturing industry minimize waste and energy consumption. To guarantee that guests and staff understand your dedication to recycling and sustainability, a visible green recycling emblem is placed on the walking surface.


The Water hog mat is ideal for covering big areas. This one-of-a-kind shape and size fill large rooms with a vibrant design that comes in a range of hues. This two-end variant is made from recyclable materials and will help you achieve leed certification for your project.

The best mats for your front door:

Your entrance way will be enhanced by the high-quality Water hog mats. They also have a trademark that can be utilized in houses, offices, hotels, schools, and other structures. You can also put it wherever you want. Given the vast range of sizes available, you must select the appropriate mats for your space. You’ll find mats in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, textures, and textures. If you have the correct knowledge, you can find the greatest solutions. Traditional rectangular entry mats are often preferable to these. Smaller sizes (2’x3′) are also available, which are ideal for condos. They can also be utilized in enterprises for double doors.

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