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Insurance Aspect Of Vehicle Delivery

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Vehicle Delivery

For the majority of the people, their vehicle is like their other assets. It is like an investment and beloved as it is next to our home. Because vehicles are valuable they are prone to theft and because they run on roads they are prone to accidents as well. To protect our vehicles against all these threats and insecurity we protect our assets using insurance policies. So when we are relocating and using vehicle delivery services do we ask them if they have insurance? You might want to deliver your vehicle very long and anything can happen in between. In such cases, reputable delivery services will have an insurance policy for your vehicles. So, before you go for their services it will be wise to double-check the company’s insurance policy for vehicle delivery services.

If you are new to auto-delivery services then here are a few things that will help you navigate the right way.

Directly ask them questions

It is a matter of the delivery of your assets so there is nothing to feel shy about. You will be paying for the services so ask them direct questions. Ask them about the proof of insurance and there should be no delays in presenting.  Find everything about the damage and scenarios and coverage policies. Ask them if the entire vehicle has insurance or some parts, will the insurance be deductible, etc. get clear answers, and then establish a partnership with them. This will give you peace of mind.

Will they give the lading bill?

This is important because you need assurance that your vehicle is delivered in the right condition at your doorstep. They cannot just unload your vehicle and hit the road.  They will provide you lading bill at the time of delivery. This is going to be the vehicle condition report at the time of delivery. You must inspect your vehicle carefully. Also, check for any mechanical damage or engine damage. Once the process is complete your insurance company will not be liable for anything. Sign the bill of lading after a thorough inspection.

Remove loose items from the vehicle inside

Before you get your vehicle loaded on the truck make sure that you get everything that is loose out. Shippers are not responsible for such damage. Remove all the loose items like chargers, documents, any electronic items, cassettes, etc. This will eliminate the risk of damage or losing items. Loose items are not covered in the policy so you will be responsible and cannot ask those questions.  Many times in a hurry for relocation people forget to empty their vehicles and get involved in the risk of losing valuable documents, gifts, etc.

Sign a contract

A responsible shipper will always give you everything in writing. There will be a process of documentation and signatures. By providing you with the auto-delivery documents in writing or digitally they are agreeing to provide you with the asked services. Professionals always follow this process that assures their reliability in the industry. Hire a company offering vehicles delivery services that are the best in the industry.

Pre-possession inspection

Your shippers are also going to inspect your vehicle. They are also going to look for any mechanical or physical damage to the vehicle.  You will also be present at the time of inspection.  They might also take photographs of the vehicle and perform other processes. All this is kept as a record and is kept under your shipper’s possession. This is done for the satisfaction of both parties and is a part of the auto-delivery services.

Check with the company

You might be thinking it is a big business and yes they are having insurance. You may be wrong and risk your delivery.  The shippers might or might not have insurance services so you must be sure. To be sure directly ask them about the insurance and what is under coverage and what is not. You must have a thorough conversation with your service providers before you hire them. There will be a huge amount of details shared between you and your auto-delivery company. This is important to make sure that your vehicle reaches its destination safely.

How is their customer service?

Many times companies fail our expectations and we need to complain so that they can make their services better. So make sure that your vehicle delivery services are having good customer care so that you can file a complaint. It is your right if they have not provided you services they agreed upon. Before hiring they ask for their customer care services and responses to complaints.

All these aspects will help you find the best services in the market. National dispatch can assist you with your auto-delivery in the manner you expect. With their expertise, you can assure your vehicle is in safe hands.

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