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All About HIFU Facelifts

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All About HIFU Facelifts

HIFU is the acronym for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It is a machine-based procedure presently considered the most sophisticated non-surgical facelift in the world.

It is performed by repeatedly passing a handpiece across the skin. The device generates ultrasonic waves with a high degree of precision that penetrates the skin to varying depths. If you could see inside the skin, you would observe a grid of dots or hot places where the ultrasound is hitting.

We are aiming for an intense layer known as the SMAS layer. This is the layer that the surgeon elevates during a surgical facelift.

With the HIFU facelift, there are no incisions, surgery, or recovery period.

How does a HIFU facelift work?

The concentrated ultrasound penetrates deeply into the skin, striking the SMAS layer. A therapy comprises thousands of ultrasound “shots” across the affected regions. It causes the SMAS layer to heat up, contract, and contract more. This is what lifts and tightens the skin above.

HIFU can treat the face, jawline, neck, forehead, and area around the eyes. You may have specific regions treated, or you can have the entire area treated at once.

What are the side effects?

Immediate after therapy, there are extremely few adverse effects. Although this is improbable, you may appear somewhat rosy or acquire a bruise. You will notice that your face is slightly sensitive in spots.

The therapy might be painful, depending on the machine and the part of the face being treated. Some features are painless, while others are painful.

It is a peculiar sensation, as though the therapy was performed deep within the face, almost like dental work. It may feel slightly uncomfortable, especially around the jawline, but there are no long-lasting adverse effects or discomfort.

When will you begin to notice results?

It takes around six weeks for the full impact to begin to manifest. Therefore, you will observe optimal effects between six and twelve weeks following therapy. The effects will persist for nine to twelve months. Therefore, you would only schedule this therapy once a year.

How successful is HIFU?

Applied to the proper individual, it may be incredibly effective. However, estimating the apparent change you will observe is challenging.

Some clients will receive excellent outcomes, while others will have less striking results. It is essential to take before-and-after pictures, as it might be difficult to notice changes in your appearance over time. Let’s be honest: you don’t actually see yourself ageing, do you? The same is true about reversing the ageing process.

You must understand that although it is a significant improvement in non-surgical anti-ageing, it will not provide surgical outcomes. In light of the fact that the technique has no side effects and no incisions, it is an excellent therapy.

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