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Top Red wine varieties Newbies Should Try

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Red wine varieties Newbies

When you explore the variety in the red wines, there are factually hundreds of options. However, when you are not a pro at choosing the wines, you might find the world of red wines confusing. Talking especially about the Australian red wines, they are absolutely heart-winning, scrumptious and classy. This post is going to get you through top red wines that you must not miss out on!


Malbec is one of the Bordeaux types of classics where it is extensively planted.  People love the stuff and once the South Americans are inserting into a big slab of meat, a sexy glass of this is not really away. Smooth but huge, brooding purple fruits, even ballsy with firm tannins and a polished type of finish – no surprise for a perfect snack or food match here. You can enjoy it with beef and barbecues! Due to its thick type of skin, malbec is most of the times used to blend as it adds tannin and shade.


Gamay is fetching you a sexy variety. More and more wineries are simply dropping it in the dirt, and justly so. There is much pleasure to get from its simplicity as well as soft touch. Juicy pinot noir-such as the fruit, with low type of tannin, moderate alcohol, bright acidity and fine spice, gamay wines are absolutely approachable. You can get a glass of this wine and you are going to be mesmerised with its aura and spirit. A lazy Sunday can become peppy one with this type of wine type!

The splendid Cabernet franc

A calm, soothing type of variety having smooth texture and fascinating perfume. Less oak is the main ingredient when it stands on its own, and more lately, winemakers have cut loose with no type of oak, bringing an expressive wine packed with bright and fragrant dark fruit features. You know this drink is justly tannic, somewhat less so than cabernet sauvignon, it may still be soft as well as velvety once handled well.


Nestled up to a variety that cranks the drink ability knob high. Grenache is one of the most extensively planted grape varieties in the entire world and is even utmost affectionately known in some areas as peanut of the poor man. Plantings in Australia times back to 1850 – the most ancient in the world. What makes grenache absolutely fascinating is its appealing florals, medium body, fine spices, even a dusting of earthiness for great measure.

Pinot Meunier

Called as ugly sister of pinot noir. Scrumptious once it stands on its own two feet. In the right types of hands, this is a stunningly, quaffable type. Once demoted as a minor mixing component in Champagne, clever wine making has actually captured its overall bright fruit and savoury appeal as a separate delicacy. Cool climate regions are actually doing it perfectly!


To sum up, when you dig into the world of red wines of Australia, you get abundance, taste, quality and most importantly a class! Whether to add spirit to your Sundays or simply blend your regular days with some unwinding; these wines are perfect.

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