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Top 10 allied foods for your skin this winter

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Top 10 allied foods for your skin this winter

Winter is here and it brings with it its share of joys (snow, parties, skiing, etc.) but also inconveniences. Cold, wind, tight skin, redness… Our skin is badly abused during these very cold months! It is therefore essential to pamper it with suitable beauty products , but also to consume seasonal foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants. And yes, beauty is played both outside and inside! Here are our top 10 seasonal foods to favor this winter for luminous skin.


Highly recommended in summer for a nice tanned complexion, carrots are still a winter vegetable. And that’s good because it protects your skin and slows down skin aging by neutralizing free radicals, all thanks to the beta-carotene and antioxidants it contains. It is therefore particularly recommended for mature skin, but protects all skin types and gives you a healthy glow.

If you have mature skin with a few wrinkles, you can combine our anti-aging cream with your consumption of carrots. Its softening and anti-wrinkle properties will perfectly complement the benefits of carrots!

The salmon

Cooked or smoked salmon is generally invited during the holidays, and that’s good! Rich in fatty acids, omega-3 and vitamin B and proteins , salmon is the ideal ally for your skin in winter. All these nutrients help preserve the hydrolipidic film of your skin and therefore keep your skin supple and hydrated. If salmon isn’t your cup of tea, you can substitute another oily fish like trout, mackerel or sardines.

As for cosmetic care, our day cream contains soybean oil, which is particularly rich in essential fatty acids. Ideal for deeply moisturizing your skin and restoring its suppleness and softness.

citrus fruits

Oranges, lemons, clementines…the stars of winter are them! Packed with vitamins , these fruits are great for your skin. Their content of vitamin C and antioxidants allows you to look good but also to boost your immune system.

Our lifting serum brings a beautiful touch of radiance to your complexion thanks to its white tea extracts and its pearly and golden texture. A cure of citrus fruits and a touch of serum before applying your cream and your skin will be more radiant than ever!

The kiwi

While citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, there is one seasonal fruit that beats them all: the kiwi! This one is indeed twice richer in vitamin C than the orange . This type of vitamin helps boost the production of collagen , for smoother and firmer skin. It also helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and reduce brown spots.

In addition to your kiwi cure, you can use our firming cream to tone your skin. Rich in hyaluronic acid, it also stimulates collagen and slows down skin aging . Your baby’s skin will be soft and smooth!


Stars of festive meals, oysters are full of benefits for your skin. So if you like them, do not hesitate to abuse them! Oysters contain trace elements such as zinc and selenium. The first regulates sebum production and limits skin imperfections, while the second is an anti-aging and antioxidant active ingredient.

If your skin is more combination or oily, use our purifying mask to deeply cleanse your face once a week. Like oysters, it contains zinc oxide and helps regulate your sebum production and reduce skin blemishes.


Omelettes, scrambled eggs, soft-boiled, fried… If there is one good food that comes in all forms, it’s the egg! You can therefore eat eggs regularly while varying the pleasures. Rich in sulphur, eggs allow the skin to regain its elasticity and thus protect it from the cold . They also contain vitamins A, B, D and E and essential fatty acids to strengthen your body . Miracle food, the egg? Almost !

The egg can also be used on the skin as a face mask. Egg white tightens pores and gives your complexion a boost. If putting egg on your face means nothing to you (we understand you), try our moisturizing mask . With regular use, this mask helps protect your skin from the cold and external aggressions while giving it a boost of radiance.

Kale cabbage

In winter, cabbages have the coast. This seasonal food comes in several varieties, but the one that interests us the most is Kale cabbage. A true all-in-one winter food , Kale contains, among other things, vitamins A, C and K, potassium, calcium and manganese. Just that ! Among its many virtues, it helps in particular to thin the blood circulation and combat skin dryness .

For an anti-dry skin cure, consume Kale regularly and use our night cream . Designed specifically for dry skin, it contains six nourishing vegetable oils and shea butter . The cold will not have your skin!


Hated by some, adored by others, the beet is often talked about. But did you know that this winter vegetable was a great ally for your skin? Beets are indeed rich in iron, vitamins, beta-carotene and betalain . The latter is a moisturizing and soothing active ingredient, ideal for sensitive skin . Beets are also one of the vegetables with the strongest antioxidant power. Perfect for fighting the signs of aging!

So that’s it, do you now have winter menu ideas to stay in top shape? To find out about all the fruits and vegetables in season, go to the Greenpeace website . With a healthy and balanced diet and the use of suitable and natural beauty treatments, there is no doubt that your skin will pass the winter with flying colors!

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