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Exploring Atlanta With Atlanta Charter Bus Company

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Charter Bus Company

Atlanta is a fantastic place for you to travel and if you are visiting the region with a group of friends or family, hiring a charter bus is a great idea. The bus allows you to relax and explore the area better. You can focus on taking all the photographs you want for your photo album. You can forget your woes about the traffic and finding your way in a new city. The charter bus will help you to enjoy your trip without hassles at all.

Choose a good Atlanta charter bus company for your travels

A good Atlanta charter bus company helps you discover new places you would want to explore later on.  If you travel in a group, you can save money by hiring a charter bus. For example, if 20 people are travelling with you, hiring a charter bus is cheaper than hiring at least 4 to 5 cars. The biggest benefit is you all can travel together and have fun exploring Atlanta.

Know more about the famous landmarks in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for many iconic sightseeing spots like Oakland Cemetery, which is the oldest in the city and spans over an area of 88 acres. It was made in 1850 and is just less than one mile from the downtime area. The cemetery is also the resting abode of famous settlers like Bobby Maynard and some of the first builders of the USA. You can see some valuable old sculptures, trees, and a botanical preserve. There is a lot of history for you to explore here.

Know about the famous Martin Luther King Jr

You can proceed to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical site with many iconic buildings on the land. People from across the world come here to see the church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached to the masses with his father in the 1960s. You can also visit his home and the places he played in as a child. You get a glimpse into history to know about this famous civil rights activist and from where he learned his values.

If you are fond of history, you and your group can visit The Atlanta History Center. You can explore the beginnings of the USA with an interesting tour of the Swan House rich with décor from the 1930s. This complex is built on 33 acres of land. Besides the above, you get to see The Smith Family Farm, a unique place for you to visit because it still has functional machinery from the 1860s. The whole farm is looked after and operated with the above methods and equipment right from that era. This Center has won many awards for its historical exhibits, and they regularly host famous writers who give motivational speeches to the public.

The above are just some of the city marvels to get to see when you hire an Atlanta charter bus company for your travels. Book your itinerary with them and enjoy the ride with your group to bring back wonderful memories of a great American city.

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